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tHe NeVERhoOd !
This is the box cover
for our first game that is available


at your favorite retail store!
It was published under the Microsoft/DreamWorks Interactive Label.

Our first game is called The Neverhood. It is a point and click adventure that has justbeen released for Windows 95. We are continuing in our tradition set forth in Earthworm Jim of crazy characters housed in funky worlds but are departing from the heavy-twitch genre. As you've come to expect from us, it will be loaded with tons of animation and surprises.

Here are some screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

Oh my eye - Robot Bil - I'm sick - Bear Team - Ouch!
Klaymen - Klogg - Take a Ride - Klay - Whoops!

You can also check out some of the pencil sketches that we used in the development of the game byclicking on the Gallery 1 and 2 links below.

Hey Kids,
If you are hungry for more after seeing these amazing screens shots, you can download a tenmeg demo for free from the DreamWorks Interactive super swell web site.

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